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Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services Picture “... comprehensive and value added services for the insurance, reinsurance, and managed care industry.”
HRMSI offers comprehensive and value added services for the insurance, reinsurance, and managed care industry. To learn more, please read on.

Sarbanes-Oxley Management Assessment of Internal Control

Model Audit Rule Assessment of Internal Control

Risk-Focused Surveillance Assessment of Internal Control

  • Identification, evaluation, and documentation of internal control process as defined under COSO framework.
  • Quality improvement of control policies and procedures to ensure effective management of risks to achieve identified objectives.
  • Quality improvement of systems which capture and exchange information to conduct, manage, and control operations.
  • Identify critical business issues, determine the root cause, and prioritize the resolution. Some approaches to resolution are to change the business practice, enhance the manual or automated system, modernize the existing system, reengineer the system, or replace the system. Usually, the resolution contains a combination of all five approaches.
Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Analysis of assumption reinsurance treaty, commutation, portfolio transfer, and financial reinsurance transactions, including the Statutory (“SAP”) basis, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (“GAAP”) basis, and the Tax basis accounting and reporting.
  • Merger and acquisitions, including formulating acquisition strategy, searching for the target, performing due diligence, structuring the transaction, negotiating the deal, and implementing the strategy.
  • Actuarial Valuation Support.
  • Management reviews, operational audits, and special examinations.
  • Interim management, including assistance with SAP, GAAP, and Tax accounting and reporting.
  • Holding company and affiliate structuring, including distribution channels.
  • Capital adequacy, financial modeling, and five year regulatory business plans.
  • Asset and liability matching.
  • Experience analysis and assumption validation testing.
  • Management and operations evaluation, financial modeling, and strategy development for managing and restructuring lines of business or product lines.
  • Underwriting and claims audits.
  • Utilization reviews.
  • Claims data collection, analysis and benefit restructuring.
  • Risk profiling, case and disease management, utilization reviews, and outcome reporting.
  • Catastrophic care management.
  • Financial supervisions and restructurings.
  • Rehabilitations and liquidations.
  • Crisis management.
Information Technology Services (General)
  • General control reviews.
  • Application control reviews.
  • Internal Control Risk Assessment.
  • Pre/Post implementation reviews.
  • Data Center reviews.
  • Disaster Recovery and business continuity reviews.
Information Security Services
  • Internet security review.
  • Security architecture, design, and implementation.
  • Security assessments.
  • Network security reviews.
  • Security Policies and Procedures.
Special Consulting Services
  • Interim information officer.
  • Systems evaluation and project management.
  • Strategic assessments.
  • Policies, procedures, and standard reviews and development.
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis.
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